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    • 10/20/2023
    • 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
    • Virtual

    CCDA, LCDA, and NJCDA presents

    An Innovative Career Approach: Harnessing AI & the Challenge Mindset

    Join the Colorado Career Development Association as we team up with New Jersey and Louisiana CDA's to learn inventive approaches to career development. We will hear from two fantastic speakers about how artificial intelligence and the challenge mindset can enhance career development, taking time to collaboratively develop practical application from each keynote.  We will also be guided through intentional breakout sessions with professionals across Colorado, the East Coast, and the South, gathering ideas and perspective to bring back to work with us. 

    Morning Keynote & Workshop:
    "Flip the Model: Innovation in Career Exploration"

    Many students think they need to pick one job title, for the rest of their lives. Career services are helping these students to flip the model: they explore challenges they want to work on, instead of job titles to fit into. Discover how leading institutions are creating innovative activities to help students prepare for purposeful careers.

    • Learning outcome #1 Discover three examples of innovative career activities.
    • Learning outcome #2 Learn to ‘flip the model’ of career development.
    • Learning outcome #3 Acquire innovative, practical strategies to use with your students.

    Speaker Bio:

    JP Michel is the creator of the Challenge mindset and the Challenge Cards, which have been used by more than 70,000 students around the world.

    His past consultancy work with leaders led to the creation of SparkPath, an innovative career exploration company spotlighted on the Forbes, TEDx, CBC and BBC. Recognized as the 2022 Outstanding Career Leader by the Career Professionals of Canada, JP's holds a degree in psychology from the University of Ottawa and a master's degree in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of Manchester. 

    Afternoon Keynote:
    "ChatGPT for Career Coaches: Scale Up Your Coaching"

    Providing specific career advice for each student, alum, or client is a monumental task - especially when you serve hundreds or thousands of job-seekers.

    But ChatGPT is a chance to fundamentally reshape that equation, leveraging your existing coaching expertise in concert with this new technology to dramatically scale up your impact.

    So join a former LinkedIn insider and ChatGPT power user to discover:

    • What ChatGPT can do for you - from helping your clientele find the perfect path to helping you work more effectively than ever
    • How to guide your audience in this evolving world - by understanding exactly what ChatGPT can do and what it can’t
    • A hands-on guide to making it work for you - via live demos, roleplays, and Q&A so you walk away with everything you need to leverage this powerful tool

    Speaker Bio:

    Jeremy Schifeling has devoted his career to helping others succeed in theirs. From teaching kindergarten in Brooklyn to recruiting top students at Teach For America to leading education marketing at LinkedIn, he’s touched the lives of millions of people at every stage of their journeys. Along the way, he’s published the best-selling LinkedIn book on Amazon, served as a career coach for military veterans at and MBA students at the University of Michigan, and produced the most-viewed video in LinkedIn’s history. He currently leads marketing at Khan Academy and shares his best career hacks on

    Registration Details:

    Early-bird pricing will be available until October 2nd, at which point regular pricing will open and be accessible until October 19th. On the day of the event, October 20th, day-of pricing will apply. 

    Should you have any questions about registration, feel free to contact CCDA's Registration Chair, Amy Kozlarek, at

    If your question is about membership, please reach out to CCDA's Membership Chair, Nena Davis, at

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