Colorado Career 
   Development Association

“The difference between stumbling blocks and steppingstones is how you use them.” 

It was not exactly overnight, but things changed quickly.  At times, the last year has felt like five. At other moments, time was a blur.

This challenging year brought much to the surface. Yet, through it all, the CCDA board showed resolve and perseverance.  In some cases, it even created events that did not exist a year ago. 

In meetings, the board’s first thoughts were to be empathic with those we serve and to include whoever was interested (member or not) with the chance to take a 'breather' or to gain some professional development at no cost.

I applaud the CCDA board of 2020-2021 for their efforts and resilience.

I am honored to welcome the CCDA board for 2021-2022.


Sandra Rosewell 

CCDA President

Colorado Career Development Association

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Colorado Springs, CO 80962

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