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  • An Impromptu Session with Larry Gabbard - Innovative Career Counselor

An Impromptu Session with Larry Gabbard - Innovative Career Counselor

  • 11/15/2013
  • 1:30 AM - 3:00 AM
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • 12

This is a small group working session for career counselors who are interested in learning about Larry Gabbard's counseling methods.


Tell me if you plan to attend and I will send materials and directions.

Tell me otherwise if you would like to attend a similar event in the Spring of 2014.

Larry will share his recent work and will touch on career transition, professional leadership, management, job searches and college major searches (STEM and Career Clusters). See: for more information on Larry's business.

Below this note is a brief self-described outline of Larry’s topic for Friday’s discussion.

Sorry for the late notice, I asked Larry if he would meet with me, and we figured it would be great to have a few others along to make the discussion even more robust. Registration is limited to 12.

We will schedule another such event in the spring with plenty of notice. 

There is reading material to become familiar with BEFORE we meet, and I will send it to those who RSVP for Friday.

We are meeting at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. Thank you to Ron Brummett and Jean Manning-Clark for making this event possible at CSM. I will send directions to those who RSVP.

This event is free, however there is a parking fee. Afterwards, we can all meet head down to Denver for “An Evening of Networking.”

Send me any questions and I'll respond in the evening. 



I will introduce working coding for MBTI occupational type tables and indicate the confidence (low to mid 90%) by which occupations can be placed on lists.

I currently code seven different MBTI typologies.  Some are familiar and some are new.  They are: Type, Jungian Type (function attitudes), Tribe (12 Pairs of types, religious uses), Enneagram, Column (function pairs), 4Pre (4 Functional Preferences), and Preferences.  I also code Temperament but I do not use Temperament lists in career counseling.  I will focus on W-Type and W-4Pre.  The W indicates that these codes identify working types, by ranking MBTI type from occupational type tables.

I display coding results 1) by Personality (sort of occupations by code, good for matching occupations to working personality and for career transition),  2) by Job Family (good for job seekers, can tell you where to start looking and identify High-Level and First-Line management possibilities) and 3) by Career Cluster (good for undecided, helps to find College Major).  In cases with smaller lists (like Type), clients are presented with an All Capital letter list.  In this list, every occupation gives the client the opportunity to offer professional leadership (not management, dual ladder).  These lists also help identify clients that come to work at a theme different from their MBTI four letters.

From occupations selected, Careers 4 Me™ software can approximate the working personality of the client and provide links to check out these occupations on O*NET OnLine.

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