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Brian Hand

University of Colorado Boulder

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University of Colorado Boulder
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Health Professions Advisor
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Center for Community N370
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133 UCB
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Hello! I am currently a Senior Engineering Career Advisor at CU Boulder and have been in that role for the past two years. As a former engineering student, I appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge related to career with the students and alumni I serve.
I started my journey as a career advisor when I was an assistant professor at Towson University in Towson, MD. I collaborated with a colleague to start a club for exercise science majors to bring in guest speakers to make these students aware of the different career options they had available to them. Then I moved to Colorado and took a position as a prehealth advisor at CU Boulder. Shortly after taking this position I joined Career Services at CU Boulder which has given me the opportunity to learn career development theory and assessments to better serve my students. I enjoy continuing to learn more ways and develop more skills to serve the students and alumni I support so that they can find rewarding and fulfilling work.
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Colorado Career Development Association

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