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Colorado State University at Fort Collins:

Master's Degree, Counseling & Career Development


NCDA Career Counselor Education Directory:

Career Counseling Degree Programs




Certifications vary widely according to the level of professionalism, content, and depth of the program. Before enrolling, check with practitioners in the field regarding the program's reputation and also with students who have completed the training. You can also look at allied fields, such as organizational development/psychology, school counseling, and vocational counseling for relevant training.  See the NCDA Career Counselor Education Directory that lists all the colleges and universities with counseling classes/programs.


National Career Development Association:

Career Development Facilitator (CDF)


Center for Credentialing & Education:

Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)


University of Central Florida:

Career Counseling Certificate (On-line)


Conestoga, Ontario, Canada:

Post-Graduate Career Development Practitioner (Distance Learning)


Career Coaching Certifications:

Career Coach Academy (ACSTH program certified by ICF)

Career Coach Institute (ACSTH program certified by ICF)


Resume Writer National Certification Organizations:

Career Directors International (CDI)

Career Management Alliance (CMA)

National Resume Writers Association (NARW)

Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW-CC) 




National Career Development Association (NCDA):

NCDA offers Special Membership Categories to recognize members who hold special levels of achievement in education, training, and experience in career development. Three special membership categories include the Master Career Counselor (MCC), the Master Career Development Professional (MCDP) and the Fellow.

The Master Career Counselor (MCC) is an NCDA member who holds a master's degree in counseling or related field and has been active as an NCDA member for a minimum of two years. A MCC has at least three years of post-master's experience in career counseling and also maintains the NCC, state LPCC, RPCC, or licensed psychologist credential. MCCs must have successfully completed at least three credits of coursework in each of the
six NCDA competency areas and have completed a supervised career counseling practicum or two years of supervised career counseling work experience under a certified supervisor or licensed counseling professional. MCCs are skilled in administering and interpreting career assessments and provide the highest quality of career counseling services.

The Master Career Development Professional (MCDP) is an NCDA member who holds a master's degree or higher in counseling or related field and also has been active as an NCDA member for a minimum of two years. The MCDP has at least three years of post-master's career development experience in training, teaching, program development, or materials development.

The Fellow is an NCDA member of professional distinction. A Fellow designation recognizes outstanding and substantial contributions to career development in science, teaching and training, practice, service, policy development, and political action. It is considered an honor to be awarded this distinction and only five recipients are chosen by NCDA each year.

Professional career counselors may be trained in a one-or two-year graduate level counselor preparation program with a specialty in career counseling. They may be licensed by state counselor licensure boards or certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

Prior to 1999, the National Board of Certified Counselors offered the designation National Certified Career Counselor signifying that the career counselor has achieved the highest certification in the profession. Furthermore, it means that the Career Counselor has:

  • Earned a graduate degree in counseling or a related professional field from a regionally accredited institution,
  • Completed supervised counseling experience which included career counseling,
  • Acquired a minimum of three years of full-time career development work experience,
  • Successfully completed a knowledge-based certification examination,

In 1999, NBCC retired this credential. NBCCs that were active in NCDA were grandfathered in as Master Career Counselors. Some professionals still use the NCCC credential.


Once a special membership category is awarded, recipients must maintain membership in NCDA and complete 20 hours of continuing education through an NBCC or state licensure board approved provider during the period of five years.  After five years, a renewal notice will be sent and a renewal fee of $50 will be accessed. The NCDA Board of Directors will set the fee annually.  If membership lapses during the five years, a reapplication process will be required.  Optional web postings during the renewal will also be $50.


To apply for a special membership category please contact the NCDA office at 866.367.6232.  
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