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President's Letter

Hello CCDA Members, Past Members, Future Members, and Friends,

I am so excited to lead an organization that has had such a strong influence on me while entering the career development field. CCDA always provided me a space to grow, mentors, and opportunities to expand my skills,competencies and network. This year I am extremely motivated by the passion, knowledge, and skills of the 2017-2018 CCDA Board. They represent the broad variety of our membership and are focused on making CCDA an amazing organization for current and future members. 

As a board, and with feedback from our membership survey, we identified goals that will guide our focus this year. Our first goal is to build membership and event participation across all constituencies and regions of Colorado. Second is to enhance our use of technology to increase ease and access to relevant career development content. Third is a combination of analyzing current events to ensure we are meeting members’ needs, increasing our collaboration with other organizations, and communicating the benefits of CCDA to current, past, and future members.

With these goals, I believe the Colorado Career Development Association will continue to be informative, creative, and centered on the passions and pursuits of its members. If any of you feel drawn or interested to these goals, we would welcome your energy.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at

I look forward to finding ways to engage with each of you – either at our events or online!

All the best,

Amanda White

CCDA President

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