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President's Letter

Hello all,

It is my honor to represent you as President of the Colorado Career Development Association

and to lead our outstanding CCDA Board this year. Our board is made up of dedicated,

industrious and talented people who represent our broad base of membership throughout the


As a board, we set a goal of strengthening our membership by reaching out to all those

interested in Career Development throughout the state of Colorado and our neighboring states.

Through technology and other innovative ways of connecting with people, the CCDA Board’s

goal is to touch those in many facets of Career Development, including education, the

workforce and private practice. It is our desire to provide opportunities for all individuals

interested in connecting with others in career development and growing in the industry by

offering our traditional Fall Conference and Spring Training. In addition, we will offer more non

traditional methods such as webinars and smaller regional events designed so those

throughout the state may have the opportunity to participate.

Along with providing the opportunity for all of you to become engaged in the Colorado Career

Development Association, the CCDA Board is dedicated to providing quality events and

training for our constituency so that you may walk away with valuable knowledge and tools to

advance in your chosen profession of career development.

On behalf of the CCDA Board, I invite all of you to join us in any way you are comfortable. It

may be by attending an event sponsored by CCDA, or you may have a new idea you would like

to share with the membership. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions,

an idea you would like to share or want to become more involved with the Colorado Career

Development Association. My e-mail is

We look forward to seeing you this year!

Warmest regards,

Rhonda Macy

President Career Development Association

President for 2018-2019 Rhonda Macy  

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