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It is an incredible honor and privilege to serve as President of our Colorado Career Development Association (CCDA) this year. As I return from the National Career Development Association (NCDA) conference, I am once again reminded of the exemplary level of collaboration across our profession. Our national leadership is leading the way in developing practitioners with training and resources to meet the quickly evolving needs of today’s workforce. As I tell my high school students, we are preparing our clients/students for careers that have not been developed based upon technology not yet created. The importance of continually developing our outreach and networking with colleagues around our state has never been so critical.

This is an exciting time as our state is at the forefront of career development in our nation.  Our colleagues across the state recognize the importance of professional development and networking as we continue to grow and excel. 

Our new board plans to bring our association to even higher levels of excellence and accomplishment. We build upon the work of board and association members who have served before us . Our goals for this year are organized under three broad themes:

            Outreach – Throughout Colorado and partnerships with Neighboring States

            Connections – Social Media, Newsletter Development

            Professional Development and Networking - Increased Opportunities 

To do this, we need your help! 

  • We are implementing a calendar posting on our CCDA website to highlight training and networking around the state.  Please email me with any additions and we will share your news!
  • Join us at one of our CCDA events (Oct. 25, April 19 and more).
  • Join our association and receive access to job postings and professional development opportunities.
  • Spread the news amongst your colleagues. It’s all about connecting!
  • Let us know of any partnership opportunities. We want to work with you.
  • Let us know of any training or networking needs in your region.

Together, let’s make this our best year yet! 

Joanna Peters

CCDA President

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