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We have experienced the impact of COVID-19 in every aspect of our daily lives: social interaction, family life, community and state. Thank you for collaborating with one another and giving grace and support throughout this journey. Your CCDA Board stands firm in our commitment to serve those who have an interest in career and workforce development issues in Colorado. In our discussions we have focused on sharing tools and resources available in the state and providing as many professional development opportunities to ALL in our industry.

We will continue to update the Career Connections calendar with state and national opportunities and will provide the webinars free to all who participate.

After viewing the NCDA webinars, please contact Karen Adducci  to find out how to obtain CEU credits.

If you have any questions, or needs, please contact your CCDA President, Karen Adducci

    • 11/02/2020
    • (MST)
    • 11/06/2020
    • (MST)
    • 3 sessions
    • Virtual- Zoom

    Please register on Zoom links below for one or all conference sessions:

    CCDA Fall Conference Day 1: Mental Health Impacts of COVID on Job Seekers & Coaches (session 1 of 3)

    CCDA Fall Conference Day 2: Tech Needs in Career Development (session 2 of 3)

    CCDA Fall Conference Day 3: Colorado Career Outlooks and the Future of Work (session 3 of 3)

    Day:1 Mental Health Impacts of COVID on Job Seekers & Coaches. Speaker: Illana Tolpin Levitt

    The pandemic has turned the world of work on its head. The struggles are real: entire industries decimated, working from home burnout is real, the challenges of working from home with kids are even more challenging. As if a job search is not tough enough without a pandemic, it's now up to the job seeker and coach to step it up creatively and with resilience. Not only are mental health issues on the rise due to isolation, illness, and fear, but people also who struggle with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are particularly challenged in and out of the workplace during the pandemic. Ilana will address the intersectionality between mental health and career particularly during COVID and offer essential tips, tools and strategies for instilling optimism and hope for job seekers and coaches alike.

    Day 2: Tech Needs in Career Development. Speaker: Lindsey Day

    As COVID has pushed many professionals to expand their work from home abilities, it has turned day-to-day tasks for career coaches, learning interactions for learners, and job seeker activities upside down. As we struggle to balance leveraging technology for our many roles with dependency on that same technology, how can individuals identify where they may need to sharpen their tech tools?

    Day 3: Colorado Career Outlooks and the Future of Work. Speaker Katherine Keegan

    Sponsored by Skillful

    Questions: contact Max Mascarenas

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